Promoting Filmmaking in Tacoma, WA


253Film Collective

The future of Tacoma filmmaking, for some people, may seem to drift in the abstract. But 253Film Collective has actionable goals in order to turn Tacoma from a sleeper community into a legitimate place to accommodate big productions. These goals work in THREE tiers, managed by different departments within 253Film Collective, and they’re primarily to promote and facilitate some of the most important, yet sometimes forgotten, elements of the industry. They are as follows:

Notable Talent: Most people in Tacoma and Seattle overlook the biggest part of what makes movies attractive to movie-goers – a recognizable cast! Whether it’s because of the level of difficulty or the project’s miniscule budget, the final product often suffers in its ability through a network of experienced professionals and a foundation of mentorship, we aim to demystify that element of movie making and influence others to do the same.

Marketing: “Content is king” and the legitimacy of content in the public’s eye is steered by how we market our projects. Yet another widely overlooked part of production, our objective is to give you the tools you need to promote the heck out of your movie! In this fresh, new world of do-it-yourself filmmaking, it’s easy to slap together a Facebook page or Twitter account to get the word out. You might even be a social networking aficionado. But from one-sheets to production imagery and EPK’s to local press, marketing can take on a whole other life of its own, and with it, a great following for your project.

Locations: One of the most important part of 253Film Collective is local people and business relationships. By successfully carrying out the first two tiers, we’ll prove that we have legitimacy in our work – and there are plenty of people outside the filmmaking realm who would love to be a part of this community. So why not bring them in? We bring them in to the fold, promote their business, and in turn we’re given accessibility as film-friendly shooting locations.